Enter the length, width, and height of an area of a building that is on fire into the calculator to determine the required fire flow.

Fire Flow Formula

The following two formulas are the two most common formulas used to calculate fire flow.

RFF = V / 100  (ISU Method)
RFF = L*W / 3  (NFA Method)
  • Where RFF is the required fire flow (GPM)
  • V is the volume (square feet)
  • L is the length (feet)
  • W is the width

To calculate fire flow, multiply the length by the width, then divide by 3.

Fire Flow Definition

What is fire flow? Fire flow is a measure of the total rate of water flow required to suppress a fire. Fire flow is most often expressed in gallons per minute. It’s often used as a rough estimate as opposed to an exact measure.

Example Problem

How to calculate fire flow?

  1. First, determine the length of the area on fire.

    For this example, the length is 10 ft.

  2. Next, determine the width of the area.

    For this example, the width is 20 ft.

  3. Next, determine the height.

    In this problem the height is 8 ft.

  4. Finally, calculate the fire flow.

    Using the formula: 10*20*8/3 = 16 GPM