Enter the standard load center, actual load center, and the standard rated capacity into the calculator to determine the new forklift load center capacity.

Forklift Load Center Capacity Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the forklift load center capacity.

  • Where FLC is the load center capacity (lbs)
  • SLC is the standard load center distance (in)
  • ALC is the actual load center distance (in)
  • SRC is the standard rated capacity (lbs)

To calculate the forklift load center capacity, divide the standard load center by the actual load center, then multiply by the rated capacity.

What is a Forklift Load Center Capacity?


A load center capacity describes the equivalent capacity a forklift can hold when the load center distance is different than the standard load center distance that the forklift was rated at.

How to Calculate Forklift Load Center Capacity?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Forklift Load Center Capacity.

First, determine the rated capacity. In this example, the rated capacity of the forklift is 7,500 lbs at standard load center.

Next, determine the standard load center distance. In this case, this is determined to be 20 inches.

Next, determine the actual load center distance. For this problem, the actual load center is 30 inches.

Finally, calculate the load center capacity using the formula above:


FLC = 20 / 30 * 7500

FLC = 5,000 lbs