Gibbs Free Energy Calculator

Enter the change in enthalpy, change in entropy, and change in temperature into this Gibbs Free Energy Calculator. Gibbs free energy is a often used thermodynamic property to determine whether a reaction will occur spontaneously.

Gibbs Free Energy Formula

The following formula is used in the gibbs free energy calculator above:

gibbs free energy calculator
  • Where G is Gibbs free energy
  • H is the change in enthalpy
  • T is the change in temperature
  • S is the change in entropy

What is Gibbs Free Energy

Gibbs free energy is a term used in physics, specifically in thermodynamics, that describes the maximum amount of reversible work that can be performed on a system. This system must be at a constant temperature and pressure.

In other words if a closed system goes through a change or process that transforms energy from one state to another, the gibbs free energy is the amount of energy that could be converted back to the original state. Another way of thinking about it is to say that the it’s equal to the total initial energy minus the work done on the surroundings by the system.

gibbs free energy calculator
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