Enter the coefficient of heat transfer, total area, and temperature differential into the calculator to determine the heat loss.

Heat Loss Formula

The following formula is used to calculate heat loss.

q = (U * A) * DT
  • Where q is the heat loss
  • U is the heat transfer coefficient
  • A is the area
  • DT is the temperature difference between the inside and outside

To calculate the heat loss, multiply the heat transfer coefficient by the area, then multiply by the change in temperature.

Heat Loss Definition

Heat loss is defined as the total energy lost to the transfer of heat between a hotter surface and a colder ambient area.

Heat Loss Example

How to calculate heat loss?

  1. First, determine the heat transfer coefficient.

    This will typically be a combination of conductive, convective, and radiative heat transfer.

  2. Next determine the area.

    Measure the total surface area that heat can be transferred through.

  3. Next, determine the temperature differential.

    Measure the difference in temperature between the inside and outside spaces.

  4. Finally, calculate the heat loss.

    Using the formula and information above, calculate the heat loss.


What is heat loss?

Heat loss is a measure of the total heat transfer through a surface from an inside hotter section to a cooler outside section, hence the term “loss”.

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