Enter the total pounds per hour (lb/hr) into the calculator to determine the SCFM (standard cubic feet of gas per minute). This calculator can evaluate either variable given the other is known.

LB/HR to SCFM Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the SCFM from lb/hr.

SCFM = (LBS/HR) / 2695.76

SCFM = LB/HR / 2695.76

  • Where SCFM is the standard cubic feet per minute of gasoline
  • LB/HR is the pounds per hour of flow

To calculate SCFM from LB/HR, divide the total pounds per hour by 2695.76. This formula holds only at 59 degrees F.

What is SCFM?


SCFM, stands for standard cubic feet per minute, and it is a standard unit used to describe the flow of a fluid, most typically gasoline at 59 F.

How to calculate SCFM from LB/Hr?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate SCFM from LB/HR.

First, determine the total amount of pounds per hour. In this example, the weight per time unit is given as 500 pounds per minute.

In this case, we need to convert the pounds per minute to pounds per hour by multiplying by 60. 500 * 60 = 30,000 LB/Hr.

Finally, calculate the SCFM using the formula above:

SCFM = LB/HR / 2695.76

SCFM = 30000 / 2695.76

SCFM = 11.12