Enter the antenna height into the calculator to determine the line of sight distance and service range of the antenna.

Line of Sight Formula

The following equations can be used to calculate the line of sight and service range distance of an antenna.

LOS = 3.57 * SQRT ( h) 
SR = 4.12 * SQRT (h)
  • Where LOS is the line of sight distance (km)
  • SR is the service range (km)
  • h is the antenna height (m)

To calculate the line of sight, multiply the square root of the height by 3.57.

Line of Sight Definition

A line of sight is defined as the distance on the horizon that an object of some height can “see” with a direct line.

Line of Sight Example

How to calculate service range and line of sight?

  1. First, determine the height.

    Measure the height of the antenna.

  2. Next, calculate the line of sight.

    Calculate the line of sight using the equation above.

  3. Finally, calculate the service range.

    Calculate the service range using the formula above.


What is a line of sight?

A line of sight is the distance to the horizon an object can “see” from its position. The taller the antenna the taller the line of sight.

What is a service range?

A service rand is a similar distance to line of sight but takes into account the extra bit of range acquired from bouncing radio waves.