Enter the retaining wall righting momentum into the calculator to determine the overturning moment of the wall.

Overturning Moment Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an overturning moment.

OM = RM / 1.5
  • Where OM is the overturning moment
  • RM is the righting moment

To calculate an overturning moment, divide the righting moment by 1.5.

Overturning Moment Definition

What is an overturning moment?

An overturning moment is a measure of the torque required to make a wall, typically a retaining wall, unstable.

Example Problem

How to calculate an overturning moment?

First, determine the right moment of the retaining wall. This is the amount of torque required to right the wall. For this example problem, the over turning moment is 50 ft-lbs.

Next, use the formula above to calculate the overturning moment.

OM = RM / 1.5

OM = 50 / 1.5

OM = 33,33 ft-lbs