Reverse Stock Split Calculator

Enter the current stock price, number of shares owned, and the stock split ratio into the calculator to determine the new price and shares owned.

Reverse Stock Split Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the new price of a stock after a reverse stock split.

NP = OP / SP

  • Where NP is the new price per share
  • OP is the original price per share
  • SP is the reverse stock split ratio

Reverse Stock Split Definition

A reverse stock split is the reverse splitting, or consolidation, of stocks into fewer stocks to increase price and decrease available shares.

Reverse Stock Split Example

How to calculate a reverse stock split?

  1. First, determine the reverse split ratio.

    For example, a reverse split of 2:1 would mean every 2 shares now equals 1 share.

  2. Next, determine the original price.

    Determine the original share price.

  3. Finally, calculate the new share price.

    Calculate the new share price using the formula above.


What is a reverse stock split?

A reverse stock split is the consolidation of stocks into fewer stock to increase price and decrease supply or available shares.

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