Enter the total cost of the turkey, and it’s total weight into the calculator to determine the turkey cost per pound.

Turkey Cost Per Pound Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Turkey Cost Per Pound.

  • Where TCP is the turkey cost per pound ($/lb)
  • TTC is the total turkey cost ($)
  • TW is the total turkey weight (lbs)

To calculate the turkey cost per pound, divide the total cost by the turkey weight in pounds.

What is Average Turkey Cost Per Pound?

The average turkey cost per pound is around $2.95.

The price of turkey varies depending on the time of year, the place it is purchased, and whether it is a frozen or fresh turkey.

Turkey is an inexpensive way to feed a large crowd, especially if you’re planning Thanksgiving dinner. Our online grocery store carries a variety of sizes and types of turkeys to fit your family’s needs.

They include:

Fresh whole turkey – serves approximately 7-10 people

Fresh whole turkey breast – serves approximately 3-6 people

Frozen whole turkey – serves approximately 7-10 people

Frozen boneless, skinless breasts – serves approximately 5-8 people