Enter your weight on earth in either pounds or kilograms into the calculator to determine your weight on the moon. This calculator can also determine your earth weight given your moon weight.

Moon Weight Formula

The following formula is used to calculate your equivalent weight on the moon.

MW = EW / 9.81 * 1.622
  • Where MW is your moon weight
  • and EW is your earth weight

These weight values can be entered as pounds, kilograms, or any other unit of weight.

To calculate your moon weight, divide your earth weight by 9.81, then multiply by 1.622.

Moon Weight Definition

Weight is defined as the force of gravity acting on an object of a certain mass. On the moon, this force is much less on earth due to the moon having a much smaller mass than earth.

Moon Weight Example

How to calculate a moon weight?

  1. First, determine your earth weight.

    Using an accurate scale, measure your weight on earth.

  2. Next, determine your moon weight.

    Using the formula above, calculate the amount of weight you would feel on the moon.


How strong is moon gravity?

The gravity on the moon is about 16.5% of the strength on earth. In other words, you feel around 6 times light on the moon.