Enter the data rate (MHz) and the CAS latency (CL) into the calculator to determine the ram latency in nanoseconds.

Ram Latency Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a ram latency.

RL = CL *2000 / DR

  • Where RL is the ram latency (nanoseconds)
  • CL is the CAS latency (CL)
  • DR is the data rate (MHz)

Ram Latency Definition

What is ram latency? Ram latency is a measure of the time between initiation a request for data in the memory until it is received by the processor of the computer.

Example Problem

How to calculate Ram Latency?

  1. First determine the CAS.

    This is the CAS latency and is often listed when purchasing RAM for a computer. For this example, the CAS is 4.

  2. Next, determine the data rate.

    This is the rate at which data can be transferred by the RAM. For this problem, the data rate is 45 MHz.

  3. Finally, calculate the RAM latency.

    Using the formula, we find the RAM latency to be 4*2000/45 = 177.77 nanoseconds.

About Ram Latency

Is ram latency important? In most cases, for a personal computer, ram latency is not a problem unless it’s very long and you are performing tasks that require lower latency. In the tech field, such as giant server farms, this latency can be extremely important. The faster the speed, the more efficient and less costly to the business.

Is a low ram latency worth it? For personal computers and normal tasks, ram latency is not important. For individuals that want to play video games with low latency, it can be worth it to look into low latency ram.

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